Keyless Security For Front Doors

Going Keyless for Home Security

The ideal in home security has long been to keep one’s belongings under lock and key.  With the advent of modern technology this concept is increasingly changing when it comes to how we protect our belongings.  By making the switch to keyless locks, many families are discovering the convenience of always locked, but never locked-out home security.  Even the best of us have suffered lost or stolen keys from time to time.

It is all too easy to leave even the most important items we carry like keys and wallets behind in the office or at school.  Instead of running the risk of not getting in, or letting kids sit outside when locked out after school, a keyless lock may be just the family home security solution.

Homeowners have a wide range of keyless locks, fingerprint locks and keyless entry door locks to choose from.  These modern locks can be used for homes, businesses, gates, condos, apartments, cabins, schools, buildings and more (https://www.doubleglazeddoorsfitted.co.uk/double-glazed-sliding-patio-doors-prices/).  They are designed to be weather resistant, reliable, and burglar proof.  These locks are easy to install, and even easier to use.

One of the simplest and most affordable styles is a mechanical keyless lock.  These stylish locks come in a range of colors and finishes, and are accessed by use of a combination of numbers on a keypad.  Many also have a manual key override lock in case of forgetfulness or emergencies.  Electronic keyless locks work much in the same way, but use a code which has been programmed electrically.

Many may feature remote control access, and some are even accessible with use of a mobile phone.  Fun and functionally, many families are choosing to use fingerprint door locks.  These high-tech locks can be programmed to allow access to as many users as you like, and provide a very personalized brand of home security.  They can be accompanied by a key override lock, and many are disguised as deadbolts for added home security.  Although slightly more costly, fingerprint locks are a great addition to any already existing home security system.

Finally, keypads and readers are devices installed apart from the actual door, and can be accessed with a numerical code or key card.  With the added security of electronic protection, these systems provide the homeowner with a kind of home security that any simple lock would be hard-pressed to match.

Going with a keyless lock may seem like a big jump, but they are trusted enough to be used by not only many families, but many businesses, corporations and government buildings.  These keyless keypads are also useful to protect other areas of the home that should have limited access, like safes, lockboxes, gun safes, mailboxes, pools, garages and sheds.

For any family with children, a keyless lock, especially a fingerprint lock can be a lifesaver at the front door, which an electronic keypad lock can be a lifesaver when it comes to medicine or cleaning cabinets full of dangerous chemicals and poisons.

Instead of growing into your janitor-style key ring, try downsizing to a set of car keys by going keyless at home, for convenience, and for increased home security.