Replacement Composite Front Doors

Why are composite front doors better than timber front doors?

There are many folks in the UK who are looking for a replacement front door who may want to know the answer to this question – so why are composite doors better or are they better than timber doors?

Material construction

Composite door skins are made from GRP (glass reinforced polyester,  similar to fiberglass). This is an extraordinarily tough material that can withstand all sorts of knocks and bags without taking damage. If you hit a timber door with anything of substance, it will leave a dent – even on hardwoods.

Timber doors swell & shrink, some significantly, others not so much. But this expansion & contraction due to dry or wet conditions will eventually wreck the paint making it crack and peel. Composite doors also expand & contract in hot or cold conditions, but it is very little. Also the colour is all the way thru the doors skin, not a painted surface, so it cant crack or peel off.

Timber is a natural insulator, but modern engineering design that has gone into composite products have been aggressive in the way that they focus on energy efficiency – this can make a composite door up to 9 times more energy deficient than a softwood timber door.

So, Why are composite front doors better than timber front doors? – because they are :

  1. stronger,
  2. more resilient to damage
  3. don’t need painting
  4. the colour does not fade, peel or crack
  5. massively energy efficient
  6. very secure due to multi-point & 5 lever locks

They may cost a little more than a standard timber door, but you get more than you moneys worth from them. – go here for price info: www.doubleglazingpriceguide.org.uk/how-much-do-composite-front-doors-cost