A resident of the Estonian city of Saaremaa, a couple of years ago scored rapid loans for more than four thousand euros, and then all this money lost in gambling establishments. In order not to return debts a man in October last year sued a statement with a request to recognize it with bankrupt.
Recently, the court decided in favor of a gambling player, recognizing it with bankrupt. The court took into account the fact that a man of disabled and can not get a job, receiving only 400 euros per month. According to the lawyer of bankrupt, his client has made his name to the list of people who are forbidden to visit and play gambling in the casino. This ban will be valid for at least two years. Also, the debtor now carefully monitors his health, adhering to the treatment regimen that physicians appointed.
Note that, according to representatives of Estonian banks, now in the country literally "epidemic" for not a refund of fast loans. The ability to get rid of debts through court not only the gamers, but many other Estonians who were in a difficult situation.