A resident of Tyumen to buy an apartment took a loan in the bank in the amount of two million rubles, which then lost in one night in the casino. After that, the bank led a gambling player for another four million rubles. This is reported by PARK72 edition.Ru.
As reported, a resident of Tyumen appealed to the realtors with a request to help him buy a new apartment, but since he had no mortgage debt in the amount of 2 million rubles, realtors from the company "Floor" offered him to make sure, under the terms of which he on credit The bill has allocated the entire amount for repayment of the mortgage.
But when making a loan, a bank employee accidentally translated all two million rubles to a person’s personal account of the Tyumen, who instead of reporting about the error, cashed the entire amount and lost in one night in the casino. And the next day, the man again came to the bank for money and the financial institution did not refuse, I approved the loan to your gambling client already 4 million rubles. The representative of the bank noted that before that, it was not noticed for their client for ludomania, so there is no reason for the refusal.