On Sunday, November 4, one of the players of Playtech casino ripped a progressive jackpot of $ 902,970 in a game machine Age of Gods. This is a rather modest amount relative to other mega jackpots, but considering the record of the slot $ 1,365,801, the money is good.

To accumulate a little more than 900 thousand, 9 weeks gone. At the previous time, Jackpot was broken on September 1, and the amount then was $ 270,171. Only six PlayTech slot machines are connected to this progressive jackpot. Previously, they were known as marvel slots, on the basis of well-known comics about man spiderman, Hulch, Iron man and other super heroes.

But then disney bought out Marvel and did not extend the license with the software developer. As a result, from April 1, 2017, famous marvel slots are no longer offered in any of the casino.

Age of the gods is a slot with a four-level jackpot, of which Ultimate Power offers the highest prizes. It is this kind of jackpot that was torn in the past Sunday. Who received winnings and in what casino is unknown.