About half of adult inhabitants of Great Britain periodically play online games for money. Of these, 96% of the British prefer to play at home using a laptop or smartphone. Such data unveiled the British Control Commission, reports the publication of Bookmaker-Ratings.Ru

Reportedly, the Commission studied the involvement of the adult population of Britain to Gambling, establishing online polls and surveys spent on the phone that 46% of the British over 16 years old for the last month periodically played various online games for money. And more than half of these 46% stated that they constantly play online establishments. It was also found that women almost caught up with men at will play online games for money (41% of all interviewed).

In addition, according to the results of this survey, it was found that more than four percent of British players fell into a risk group, these people develop ludomania (game dependence), and 0.7% of the surveyed British were classified by experts as people with a very large level of risk of developing gambling addiction.