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What is the purpose of casino sites?

The fact is that Roskomnadzor (RKN) blocks sites about the casino. And now it is done quite actively, so sites just do not have time to develop. Constantly need to change domains, unwind new mirrors. This is all tiring and beats up the desire to improve the resource, especially if we take into account that […]


Portugal may revise casino tax law

EGBA (European Gambling Association) calls on the Portuguese authorities to revise tax legislation for online casinos, as very high taxes on gambling in this country lead to an increase in the number of illegal gambling establishments operating without licenses in Portugal, reports bookmaker-ratings.“The current tax rates for online casino operators in Portugal are significantly overstated […]


In the lotomarket in Odessa attacked journalists

Day on Thursday, August 8, in the center of Odessa, an aggressive man, whose personality is unknown, attacked journalists of the Casting Group "Duma TV" when the press representatives conducted direct broadcast in one of the many "lotomarkets" numerous in Odessa. This is reported by the publication dumskaya.Net. It is reported in the afternoon of […]