At this stage, they found out that By providing patients with virtual reality casino, they can receive valuable information about the thoughts, patient behavior, as well as identify potentially dangerous situations. For example, a player reacts more to the sounds of slots, their appearance, the joy of other players and T.D.

In the third stage, it was checked how safe to use this technology. It turned out that during therapy there should be no longer effect from the fact that the player visited the virtual casino. That is, the dangers of the gym because of the therapy, since the impressions of the training sessions are short.

Potential therapy of virtual casino

Around the world very many suffer from gambling addiction. More and more countries make this entertainment legal. Due to the accessibility of online casino risk to become addicted to an even greater number of people. Only in the USA approximately 2 million LudoManov. Therefore, in the future, if this type of therapy will have success, then it will find yourself enough customers anywhere in the planet.

How effective therapy is?

There are no large-scale studies that would show how effective therapy of the virtual casino. However, it seems to me that the virtual casino is not so real now to fully recreate those feelings that the player experiences.

Technology has not yet grown before to actually create such a world, in the unreality of which could be doubted. Therapy may help make some first steps, and how these corrections in behavior will be effective in this casino, it still requires verification.

What do you think about this? Is the virtual reality that we know it today will help cure gambling addiction?