Azerion attracts 200 million euros as part of an extension transaction [ZEBR_TAG_ / H1 & GT; & lt; / div & gt;

Investors recognize the enormous potential of Azerion in online games and user involvement. This second significant funding for two years will open the path for Azerion to become a major player on the platform.

Azerion caused great interest in investors with a new financing package aimed at accelerating the company’s growth. New funds will be used to finance a set of acquisitions on the platform by adding both exciting new game content and creating income opportunities.

New investments will allow the company to refinance bonds by 100 million euros issued on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange last year. Private companies rarely raise such a level of capital, but the experience of an exponential growth of Azerion, complemented by the acquisition of companies engaged in games and technologies of monetization, as well as a rapid increase in their income, attracted the attention of investors.

Atatla Azerion Azerion, said:

"Online entertainment has become a central element of people’s life. This direction has a huge business potential. Our vision – make digital entertainment better, safer and more reliable. Thus, everyone can satisfy the elementary human need to play in carefree setting, and the advertising and publishing business will flourish ".

Azerion was founded in 2015, the company’s team is working on creating a digital entertainment platform for people of all ages. Also, the company has an active acquisition strategy, as a result of which 38 companies in the Digital Entertainment and Technology sectors joined the Azerion family. Azerion unites these acquisitions with existing business in a single agreed platform. As part of this ecosystem, these enterprises rose organically and interact with each other without any problems.

Thanks to this, Azerion has become an online entertainment leader, providing users with a wide range of content and monetizing it through purchases in applications and advertising – through its own platform, which provides security, reliability and efficiency for all stakeholders.