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The Taiwanese billionaire was among 32 people who were indicted by Taichung Prosecutors on March 3 for using an online gaming platform and money laundering, generating illegal profits of over 59.4 billion Taiwan dollars ($ 2.13 billion).

Chuan Chou-Wen, chairman of Taichung-based Xinliwang International Holdings Company, and 31 of his employees were charged by the Taichung District Attorney’s Office with organizing illegal gambling, participating in organized crime and tax evasion.

50-year-old billionaire held in custody since his arrest in November 2020. Following his arrest, prosecutors confiscated all assets found in his name, including 13 luxury cars, Taiwan $ 1.2 billion and $ 2.65 million in cash.

According to the indictment, Chuang operates the Xinliwang Group, which owns a total of 12 companies that, since 2014, jointly operate an online gambling platform called GPK Bet.

There were 532 gaming sites and 54 gaming system providers on the platform. Zhuang’s operation was thwarted in January 2020 when investigators discovered that an office building in Taichung was being used as a money laundering center to transfer large amounts of money to various player accounts, many of which are located in China.