Since the media said about the debt as a result of gambling, James Stan stressed that it was not for gambling. He did rates on changing the exchange rate. He owed the company CMC Spreadbet, which says that last year the billionaire has repeatedly promised to pay off debt, but never did it.

In addition to the promises, take a loan on the security of paintings, he spoke to them that he would return the debt after selling a wine collection cost at ? 650,000. The company filed to the Court to the Court, and in addition to ? 1,002,103, which he owes them, requires ? 219 for each overdue day as interest.

Apparently, the billionaire affairs are very bad. This is not the only lawsuit for the recovery of money. His assets were frozen, and the judge appointed a limit at ? 1,000 per week for expenses. At the same time, he was forbidden to drink their collective wines and deprived the right to dispose of property.