Protecting the interests of players

All operators must have an internal complaints system where the players need to be handled first. If the casino solution did not satisfy the players, they are entitled to file a complaint to the regulator. Unlike UK Gambling Commission, Alderney themselves understand complaints, and do not dismiss this feature to third parties they approved. So they are all under personal control.

Responsible game. Requirements

The Rules of Alderney says that players can install Deposit limits, maximum damages and rate amounts. Operators must ensure compliance with these limits. At the same time, the increase in limits should be taken into force only after 24 hours from the receipt from the player notice. And the drop request must be performed immediately.

So, providing the ability to control your game is not the choice of the operator, but an obligation. It turns out if you see an Alderney license, the operator will definitely provide you with the above set of responsible game tools.

Where is Alderney and who obeys?

Alderney is one of the Norman Islands in the La Mans Strait. It is not far from France. Territory area – total 7.9 square kilometers. In length it is about 5, and in a width of 3 kilometers. On such a small territory, even the airport also placed many hotels and guest houses.

Alderney does not obey the United Kingdom, nor euro union. This island is an autonomous territory of Bailiwick of Guernsey. They have their own government and a couple of thousand people even have their own president. In 2013, the population was 1903 people.

Advantages and disadvantages of Alderney

Of the advantages that Alderney is a very reliable jurisdiction, which strictly ensures that the casino led an honest and fair business. The regulator strictly monitors the compliance of the rules and provides good protection of the players’ interests.

There are no shortcomings for players. Alderney’s license suggests that someone has already taken care of you to provide quality services and honest game. There is only a drawback for the operators that it will be difficult for them to get a license.