Casino Betting Coin launches an innovative win-win lottery via PoolTogether [Zebr_Tag_ / H1 & GT; & LT; / Div & GT;

Casino Betting Coin (CBC), cryptocurrency for the global gaming market, launched its own win-win lottery through the PoolTogether Blanket Based Platform.

PoolTogether – fast-growing revolutionary in the field of decentralized finance (DEFI). His open source protocol for prize games without loss currently contains blocked cryptocurrency in the amount of more than 160 million dollars, while the holders compete for almost 200,000 dollars in weekly loss of prizes.

Without losing lottery CBC offers users to put their CBC assets on the platform to get a chance to win a weekly jackpot. The jackpot of the first week is 14 250 CBC (about 1000 US dollars at the current market price) and will be divided between the two winners on Monday, April 5. Weekly jackpot will increase as more CBC will be blocked in the pool.

Players get the right to participate in the lottery without risk; They can withdraw the CBC bid at any time. The protocol offers users the opportunity to increase their CBC holdings, not risking their initial capital, and the launch marks the first opportunity to bet on CBC.

ED Brennan, President Casino Betting Coin, said:

"The Casino Betting Coin team is always looking for innovative ways to create genuine utility for our fast-growing user base, and PoolTogether offers that. We carefully follow the protocol, because his concept of the win-win lottery captured the imagination of cryptocurrency lovers. PoolTogether allows us to offer CBC holders a chance to win extra tokens. The CBC is naturally suitable for the pool of the community, and we are confident that our users will be delighted with the possibility of winning an additional CBC, not at risk of their original assets. ".