Cloudbet, innovative cryptocurrency casino and bookmaker, added Pax Gold to its platform, for the first time, allowing players to make online rates with gold. Integration of gold rates on a crypto-game platform marks a unique milestone in the evolution of toxium, due to which the physical asset becomes divisible, sold and simpler for exchanging with smart contracts and technology blocks. Each PAXG unit is a digital asset provided by one Troy ounce of the Gold Ingot of Storage at Paxos Trust Company.

New players who deposit PAXG from the operator have the right to a welcome bonus in the amount of up to 5 units of gold coins (almost 10,000 US dollars at current prices), as well as 100 free spins for two weeks on a slot with gold topics in Casino Cloudbet.

PAXG is the third large integration of rates on the cloudbet stelkopins after launching at the beginning of this year USD TETHER and USD COIN. Steel protect the value of winnings in cryptocurrency from sharp price fluctuations faced by unbuffed holders.

The cost of PAXG is tied to the price of gold, while USDT and USDC are fixed in a 1 to 1 ratio with a US dollar, so the amount of winnings in these currencies does not depend on the market prices cryptocurrencies. The audience of the traditional fate currency can use stelkopins to experience the advantages of cripovaluate rates: fast transactions, low commissions and the best bonuses in the industry.

The new coin is expanding the capabilities of Cloudbet for players who are looking for the best coefficients and the highest limits for cripmarked rates. Cloudbet, founded in 2013, is one of the world’s oldest batch operators in the world and has a history of innovation in the field of crypto-games. The operator restarted his site in April and presented a number of bold new features, including cybersport, political rates and easy purchase of coins with a credit card. The site also accepts Etherium and Bitcoine.