Do you think that the state should intervene in the issue of gambling on credit cards?

Credit card discussion has already begun. In particular, the United Kingdom is more likely to be preparing to take tough measures and will soon make some statement that heblogging for borrowed funds is prohibited. I definitely feel that they will choose a rather tough position, and will not recommend gambling on credit money.

To bring a ban on execution, they will need to do a lot of payment systems. We are talking about intermediaries who replenish most online wallets. Much need to be changed, but all this is very fulfilled. There are enough cases that show that changes can be successful.

The waste of money from the Visa card is much safer than using a credit card when you just hope for the best.

If you take in general, who, in your opinion, should be responsible for the fact that credit cards are used in online gembling – banks, operators or players themselves?

I’m not sure that it should be banks. I can not imagine how banks may be responsible for the fact that someone spends their money as they do. I do not think that these banks must interfere and say "You spend money not reasonable".

Perhaps, for banks it would be a good strategy to show the breakdown of human spending for the month; And in the event that someone, for example, spends 25% of its income on gembling, can be given advice in how to reduce this amount.

If I studied the problem, I would carefully review the tactics of operators and the reason why they take credit cards. But again, where boundaries of responsibility? Should the regulator be responsible for himself and say that gambling for money from credit cards is prohibited? Should they say: "If you accept credits, we will call your license"?

You need to study the operators very well and find out why they generally accept credit cards.