Another interesting phrase that sounded during the training. When the journalist asked whether players who won the same promotion as VIP players.

Here is the answer: "You can make one bet in 20 pence and win jackpot in half a million pounds. It does not make them VIP. It just means that they are very f *** ing lucky ". Well, the last phrase, I think, does not need to be translated. It was also explained that who does not bring money, he does not receive gifts. Well, it’s natural.

Also it became known that players receive a warning about gambling addiction when they play too long. However, the minimum can be 8 hours a day so that the warning worked. The bookmaker obviously does it for the sake of ticks to in the event of an investigation, show the UK Gambling Commission that they protect players from excessive game.

The article notes that bonuses and refunds of lost funds do not contradict the law. However, some argue that it turns the players in LudoManov.


The journalist noted the level of secrecy that was present in the center of the center. About everything that happened should not know outside. It is forbidden to even disclose what position do you take. In general, a complete ban on everything related to work and what happens to them in the office.

Moreover, access to each room is blocked and the tolerance is possible only by ID cards, which makes it possible to keep track of employees. All monitors must be blocked if the employee leaves farther than the meter from its table. And all documents must be destroyed after use.