Regulatory body on Gambling Denmark Spillemyndigheden announced several new restrictions on certification in the country of online casino. The regulator confirmed that all online casino licensees will have to comply with the obligatory deposit limit from January 1, 2020. From the beginning of next year, customers of all Danish online casino operators will be required to comply with a fixed weekly or daily deposit limit before placing bets on online gambling sites, casinocitytimes reported.Com.
As reported, the movement on the introduction of a mandatory deposit limit is aimed at restricting money laundering activities. Denmark’s gambling regulator also tried to limit the promotion of online gambling products, I establish a limit on the amount that the player can spend and make a bet to get the right to bonus offer. In addition, to promote a responsible gambling, operators will be required to publish a link to the national register of self-slip games – Rofus.
The update from the regulator also states that registration must be allowed directly from the operator’s website. This means that players can register themselves with the national self-exclusion registry directly on the gaming website, making it easier to resolve problem players and eliminate the additional processes associated with sending an email to a customer service representative.
Licensed gambling operators must also keep track of players for at least five years. Moreover, they are required to train staff and have rules within the company that promote responsible gambling.
New rules for online casinos follow tax increases previously announced by the Danish government. With revised taxes, gambling operators in Denmark now have to pay 28% of total gambling income. Tax increase to come into effect from 2021. Previously, the tax was 20% of gross income from games.