If there is a combination with pictures, on which the fighter beats, then it is damaged. When the combination consists of symbols where the fighter without injury, he already damages the enemy. And so while one of them will not win. The result of the battle will depend on the further development of events:

  • If the fighter selected by the player wins, then there is a transition to the round of Frispins Beat The Boss. There already the player comes against bosses. Wins one – goes on, and so you need to win in four bosses. Coming out the winner of all meetings, the player multiplies his winnings 100 times.
  • Having lighted the original battle, instead of Freispins, the player receives the CAR SMASH bonus, where it can win from 5x to 15.

Losing one of the bosses, you can use the possibility of Insert Coin to try to fight again. Incsert Coin is a risk game for which you will need to give half of your winnings. But if you’re lucky to win the risk game, then the fight will take place on an increased RTP, between 98.7% and 100%.

But that’s not all. On the left on the screen you can see the scale with the inscription WILD. When it is filled, the possibility of characteristic of the selected character is activated. Everyone has its own, but they all offer combinations of wild symbols. Just change the amount of wild, location and format. From this and there is a difference in volatility and RTP.

Street Fighter 2 will appear in Casino NETENT May 21st. This slot clearly did not leave indifferent the fans of the game, nor the most developer. When the studio in early February announced work on a slot, director of games, Bryan Upton, noted:

We in Netent strive to supply content, which, like Street Fighter, raises the bar as possible in the game, and we are incredibly proud of work with such a cult franchise, especially the one that matches today’s retro trend. Work on similar brands is the embodiment of a dream. Street Fighter II allows us to bring something new and innovative on the market, which no one can.