We know that Deadmau5 Initially, appeared as an exclusive release in several casinos in some regions. What benefits do you think are brought early launches with slots?

The Deadmau5 slot was created by Eurostar exclusively for Microgaming, and we were infinitely happy with their huge support. They advised to launch the game earlier with several operators to first collect game performance and check the technical part. Considering the volume of marketing that it was necessary to coordinate for the overall launch, it was useful to know that our game works well, and that you can give a start at full capacity!

Now let’s plunge into the future! You can tell us anything about the planned releases?

The second game EUROSTAR will be another branded product that is thematically distant from Deadmau5, will still offer highly stylized entertainment. We are insanely happy to work with Microgaming and look forward to when we can tell about this novelty!

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