And again, not exactly, are you going to grandmother
Or specifically like bird booths
So all good that straight fucked
And the link with Donat does not pity to take into account

People you kind of throw me grandmothers
What would the wizarts in the moment improv
Made a petition, we have connections
What kind of pussy to whom you fuck?

People sit with people who envy Vita
They say the guy some success achieved
People he brings to suicide.
Who thought about it that life was humiliated.

You yourself go to gambling strims
And what kind of pictures you expected here?
And even on trance tell you always
Did not play casino and do not play not when

Condemn Vityan That ChSV
He didn’t help anyone fucking he is a Jew.
But if you deepen in detail in history
After all, there is no count of feats.

Combs your money, behaved fucking worthy
No need to run and hate what you can
And all sorts of truths shove yourself in the ass
After all, this vidos is destroyed