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Dragon Lamp Progressive arrived in Spain to forever change the way of playing video bingo not only in the country, but also around the world.

Manuel Jimenez, Zitro Vice President, said:

"Zitro launched a traditional video bingo to 180 degrees, and we are confident that in the coming years we will be the leader in our industry".

The success of Dragon Lamp lies in the fact that no longer need to celebrate Bingo to get a jackpot, which allows you to get even more progressive results. Win them very easily with the new Dragon Lamp bonus system, in which you need to accumulate only 5 lamps to choose a jackpot. In addition, it is possible to get many other prizes, such as Super, Minor or Mini. There is always a guaranteed prize!

Every time the Dragon Lamp bonus is introduced, the jackpot will appear. In addition, if the "Dragon Eye" appears, prizes will be increased to x10. Another new and exciting function – "Wild Crush", in which the number of numbers column is displayed on the cards.

The newest version of Dragon Lamp Progressive includes many completely new games with very complex graphics and sound, the Zitro brand sign, as well as other major hits and players favorites, including many new features.