Do not doubt that when a certain accounting scheme is found, the casino is not ashamed to apply this rule and pick up your winnings, and maybe a deposit and maybe even blocked the account.

Earnings due to multiccounts

Some Players open several accounts, to get bonuses repeatedly and get benefits from this. At the expense of multiccups the same. In most cases, most likely, the operators know about creating one player more than one account, and it even benefits them.

While the player loses from his multi-panet, they will allow the game. And if he wins and wants to display the winnings, they will indicate a violation of the rule. After all, each casino clearly indicates that only one account on the player is allowed.

Schemes for earning a casino deception

Proposals to cheat the casino and make money quite popular. You are divided with secrets for free, how to hack or deceive a specific operator. The authors point to some weak points of casino and are offered to get rich due to them. They guarantee that 100% of some fraud will act, but only in a specific casino. As usual, players promise a lot of light money.

Actually earn everything except naive players who believe in this nonsense. Scammers thus lure into unlicensed casinos and get money for it. Read more about it here. Casino earns on what fake games that can be configured to different returns. So, chances to win and bring money will not.

Ambiguous ways to make money in a casino

There are methods of earnings that cannot be unambiguously attributed to deception, but they are used in ground casinos. For example, Earnings on roulette At the expense of the Targeting Sector. Devices are used, which calculate approximately where the ball falls on the basis of the speed of its movement. It will not always be considered illegal, since the player does not interfere in the course of the game.

The ground casinos also use the EJ Singing technique in the Card Games. In fact, this is not considered a deception, just a player notes such parts in the drawing of the back side, which give it an advantage. Here, too, no fraud or interference with the game, but the institutions will not tolerate this behavior. Read about it in the article about baccarat, Section "Technique EJ Singing when playing Bakkar".

Famous Penicist Phil Ivey never got his winnings in more than 10 million dollars. Thanks to his care, he was able to find defects on the shirt of cards and began to win in Baccarat. But even the court admitted that the casino should not pay the money to Pokzerist, since the player received an advantage.

Useless Tips Earnings in Casino

Earnings in online casino on strategies

There are a bunch of useless tips and strategies for specific games. But whatever you do, the advantage of casino is not going anywhere and the results will remain random. In some games, you can only achieve the advantage of the institution to be minimal. For example, using Basic strategy in blackjack.

There will be a strategy free, or for her will be asked for decent money – anyway. They do not help, since the results of each round are not related to each other and are random.


Earnings in online casino is possible. But this is not what many are looking for. Light money without investments and in general without any problems will not. It is necessary to invest in order to make money on the Hunting bonus, or earn on affiliate casino programs. And it’s all difficult, long and not cheap.

You should not chase a slight earnings in the casino. Just hope for winning and enjoy the game. No need strategies, fraud or something else. Choose a reliable operator, play by the rules and wait good luck.