Rena Yansen, Chairman of the Netherlands Gambling Administration, stated that a group of gambling authorities from 14 EU member states appealed to the European Commission with an official request for the reconstruction of the authorized European Commission of the Expert Group on Games.

The European Association for Gambling and Rates (EGBA) fully supports the reconstitution of the expert group to promote and support more general and joint approaches to regulating the gambling market in Europe.

The expert group provided regulatory bodies in the field of gambling platform for the exchange of information, best practices and collaboration on initiatives, such as the recommendation of the European Commission 2014 on the protection of consumer rights in online gambling.

The group consisted of representatives of the EU authorities in the field of gambling, but was dissolved by the Commission in 2018, despite the fact that most gambling regulators considered it successful.

Maarten Hyer, EGBA Secretary General, said:

"Currently, there are no frameworks in the EU to allow regulatory bodies in the field of gambling even to communicate, not to mention, to jointly solve serious problems affecting the online gembling sector in Europe. Most of these problems have a cross-border nature and require general decisions. Therefore, we welcome the firm commitment to cooperation in the field of regulation and call for the actions of the majority of the regulatory bodies of Europe in the field of gambling. Message of the European Commission is definitely: and gambling regulators, and the sector itself is united in support of the expert group and call on the commission to restore the expert group ".