Victoria Cherry casino in Minsk regularly holds thematic shows of the series “240,000 dishes served!". Representatives of the institution have already shared information about how the next event went. The show took place on July 20 and, as expected, focused on the theme of football. Cherry Cup 2018 – this is how the organizers dubbed the event. The show played on the brightest events of the World Cup and recreated the fan atmosphere as much as possible.

The whole evening, the guests enjoyed the performances of comedians, could play with a ball, take pictures at the football goal and with the "live Pele", play table football and so on. But the main event of the evening was the drawing of “pieces of another steak weighing 40.000 ". They all went to the players.

A new show from Victoria Cherry is planned for August 24 and will be dedicated to the theme of Playboy.

Note that giving out elephants is giving gifts, goodies, etc. NS.; mass bonuses or incentives.

Elephants are handed out in the Minsk casino