England and Scotland will reopen casinos on May 17th [ZEBR_TAG_ / h1 & gt; & lt; / div & gt;

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced that next week the country will begin the next phase of opening establishments, including casinos and gambling halls. The head of the government of Scotland Nikola Sterdzhin confirmed at the coronavirus briefing that most Scotland will switch to the second level of COVID-19 restrictions on Monday, May 17, which also includes the re-opening of the casino.

Starting May 17, a range of indoor entertainment and attractions will reopen to the public in England with some COVID-19 response, including casinos, cinemas, theaters, concert halls, bowling alleys, game rooms, museums and children’s playgrounds. Previously closed hospitality establishments, including restaurants, bars and cafes, will also open their doors.

Residents of England will be allowed to attend indoor and outdoor events, including live performances, sports and business events, with attendance restrictions based on type and location.

In addition, Boris Johnson announced that up to six people or two families will be allowed to communicate indoors. He also increased the outdoor meeting limit to 30 people. The Prime Minister also eased travel restrictions by allowing travelers within Britain to schedule overnight stays and removed the reason for departure requirement that had been introduced for international travel.

As for Scotland, the Prime Minister of this country Nicola Sturgeon announced changes that should come into force on May 17. All leisure and entertainment facilities will reopen next Monday, including casinos, hotels, gyms and entertainment centers, attractions, public buildings, cinemas, theaters, etc. d.

The great success of the vaccination program, along with compliance with restrictions, has led to the rapid decline in coronavirus rates in Scotland, says Nicola Sturgeon.