Leading solution provider for Live Casino Evolution Gaming announced the start of the Speed ​​Blackjack, the superfast version of Live Blackjack, which expands the already extensive lineup of the Live Blackjack game tables from Evolution.
Speed ​​Blackjack from Evolution follows the same rules as in the usual Live Blackjack, but with a key difference – the order of distribution, when the player is time to make a decision. In the new version of the Speed, the first two cards of each player are distributed as usual. Then, when the deal of these first two cards is complete, all players are simultaneously given the opportunity to hit, double or split. The player who makes the fastest decision will receive his next card first. This distribution scheme continues until all players have made all their decisions and all the necessary additional cards have been dealt.
Evolution Product Director Todd Haushalter explained: “For the past hundred years, Blackjack players have made decisions from the dealer from left to right in order, and everyone had to wait for the deciding player, because that’s what the casino has always done. We asked ourselves: Why should players wait?". With Speed ​​Blackjack, players make a decision when they are ready and the fastest gets the next card. This does not affect the mathematics of the game, it just reduces the waiting time. Compared to our standard Live Blackjack game, Speed ​​Blackjack is about 30-40% faster. I must say that the player feels very good because this is a game you know and love, but you have more control and much less waiting time. ".