Yamaguchi worked as a taxi driver that was used in a crime. Shortly before you choose your accomplice, was recorded how he puts the camera in his taxi. Then he picks up Gao and forgetting that the camera writes the sound, they began to discuss how the case was.

In Taxi, Gao regrets that he dropped the chip for $ 10,000 and asked to hide the gun, saying that there were no cartridges. GAO left a taxi from another casino, Terrible’s, where he met with the third participant, Edward Land. Records of how in TERRIBLE’S GAO transmits an accomplise black bag, noting that he has chips there and what he won and can now give him a debt of $ 15,000.

In Taxi Yamaguchi discovered a gun and Rio chips at $ 1,000. Edward Land received $ 17,000 stolen chips that were buried on the site of his house. Plus, his wig was found in his house.