Competition is not terrible

Residents of Azov City noted that they are not afraid of competition. Moreover, they do not even have to compete with other Krasnodar territories, since they have different target audience. Therefore, they Offer to save all three zones, claiming that everyone will have their own visitor. However, the fact remains a fact – there is a decree on elimination, the deadline is approaching, and there is no serious conversation about the abolition of the decree.

But you can be sure that investors who have invested in the projects of Azov City billions of rubles will continue to fight. Although some are preparing for moving to a new place in parallel, having assured that their investment will be protected from sudden changes in the mood of the government.

Compensation may not be

What is the most terrible for investors – they may not shine compensation. July 13, a bill was submitted for consideration, which suggests that compensation Not supposed In the event that the gambling zone existed for more than 10 years. This, most likely, was made to calm investors who laughed in the ability of the state to protect their interests.

It is assumed that the law will apply to all zones of the Krasnodar Territory except Azov City. It turns out that investors of this gambling zone are not compensation for the fact that they are expelled from an obsolete place and will not commemorate their losses.

The state clearly does not want to pay compensation to investors. Two years ago, Deputy Minister of Finance said that the state has no obligations to investors in compensation for damages. And all disgruntled they sent to court. In the same year, "Oracle" still went to court for compensation, but the case lost.


Is it possible to count on a stable and fair atmosphere for business with such a scenario? Distrid state – the main conclusion that major investors can make. It would seem that the liquidation of the gambling zone would be no advantage.

Shcherbinovsky district will lose more than a thousand jobs, the treasury – millions of rubles of taxes, investors – money. But, as residents of Azov City were expressed, maybe there is another force that outweighs the interests of all these people.