Click on the "Bet" to adjust the amount that you will risk. There is only one button, so a little uncomfortable. If you, for example, want to lower the bid, you will need to first make a circle, that is, scroll to the maximum bet and re-walk to the number of loans you need. Separately, the Max Bett Button is offered, so you can click right there if you want to risk the maximum.

Help button opens cupcake game payments. There are only five sheets with explanation of payments for combinations of symbols, bonus games and doubling games. Everything is simple and intuitive.

As always, in Igrosoft games there is a round to doubl. The player will have to open one of the four cards and it should be higher than that of the dealer. Among these four cards, there may be a single one that would be higher than the dealer, which can be extremely unpleasant. You will learn about it after open the selected map and all the rest automatically open. For the sake of justice, it is worth noting what happens and vice versa. More than two cards will be higher than the dealer card. This is not a standard option, because usually two cards should be higher, two below so that there are equal chances of winning and losing.

Game Machine Cupcake from Ignoroft. Where and how to play?

To start the risk of the game Machine Cupcake, you need to wait for any payment. After winning you right on the screen there will be two new buttons: risk and pick up. Press the risk and get the opportunity to double. If you win, you can continue to risk repeatedly in one entrance to the game. When you want to stop, just click on the pick button.

Game Machine Cupcake from Ignoroft. Where and how to play?

To enter the bonus game, you need to get three stoves on the screen. After that, there is an activation of a special round consisting of two stages. On the first you need to open all the ovens. Successful passage ensures the transition to the second stage, where you need to find a cupcake in one of the bushes. If the wolf comes out, then the game is played. Otherwise, the player gets a super prize.