Crystal Land

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Crystal Land Slot Machine Overview

Playing the Crystal Land slot machine from Playson
can be in demo mode, completely free.
Crystal Land slot has
Percentage of return 95.2%.
There is a bonus game,
Freebies no,
There is a Wild symbol,
And there is a multiplier.
You can play the Crystal Land slot machine in automatic mode,
There is a mode "Fast spin".

Crystal Land – slot with the topics of multicolored crystals from Playson.

The first thing you pay attention to when starting the free game Crystal Land is a huge playing field of 7×7 characters, but at the very beginning, part of the game characters is locked and opens when you get winning combinations. From the Bonus of the Slot functions, you can note: additional wild symbols, a bonus for exceeding the game level (in the game 3) and a bonus game with an additional winning factor that can reach x9.

Play for free in the slot machine Crystal Land

The design of the Crystal Land gaming machine has a very colorful look and pleasant sound. On the game screen you will see symbols of multicolored crystals: purple, turquoise, green and yellow and diamond symbol. Vilde symbol has a kind of gold coin with the identification letter W.

Crystal Land Slots Bonus.

Starting the game Note that part of the game field will be blocked and opens by a consistent coincidence of winning combinations, for this it is necessary to collect a minimum of 5 identical stones, which will coincide with the right corners in a horizontal or vertical cluster. Each second coincidence will bring an additional Wild symbol, and the last level launches the bonus game with an additional factor.

When you start the game bonus on the screen there will be three tricks with a multiplier, they will be hidden behind game characters anywhere in the game screen, receiving winning combinations you will free up the game field, the more chests you find the higher will be your multiplier. Also pay attention to three secret bubbles on the right side of the screen, each time the activated bubble will change several game characters that will have the same species.

Additional Wild Symbols – With the second coincidence, several additional wild symbols will appear on the screen that will allow you to get a profitable game combination. With the fourth coincidence, additional fiery Wild characters appear on the screen, which when used in a winning combination turn into a bombing symbol, it removes all adjacent characters.

In the process of the game, also pay attention to the current game level that is in the upper left corner. Each time collecting a winning gaming combination of the scale will be filled and when the endpoint is reached, the Bonus Level function is activated during it. You can win a cash prize, an additional factor, or transfer the winnings to the next level, which is summarized with the subsequent.

In general, Crystal Land is another fascinating slot machine from Playson, in which you will find a lot of interesting things.