Checked on Google Play, they turned out not alone. There are still some Gold Coin Kingdom LLC, which released the application 777 Bible Slots. Here, developers were rebuilt with a stick. If in the first case there were only distant hints on those pictures that we used to submit when mentioning religion, then everything is much worse here. The feeling that the developers simply handled the famous paintings. The crucifixion of Christ, Christ flies, is surrounded by the apostles ..

Fairy tales in ordinary online casino full. In December, even the Ivan Tsarevich and Koschey Immortal from QuickSpin will come out. Maybe the developers do not touch religion? All the same estimate 4.6 out of 5 is a very good result, and more than half a million downloads talks about great interest. And only a couple of reviews were recruitment reviews about the fact that religious themes were used in slot machines.