During the spring session, the Georgian government wants to consider a draft law on the further development of gambling establishments in the city of Poti, as well as in the villages of Grigoleti and Ureki. This is reported by the Georgian Ministry of Economy and Development, which submitted this bill for consideration.
The main goal of this draft law is to increase the market for gambling establishments in the listed localities. The project provides preferential terms for operators of the gambling market who will open their business in these territories. The fee for the issuance of permits for the establishment of gambling establishments in Poti, Grigoleti and Ureki will be at a reduced rate. And if a gambling establishment is equipped in a new hotel for at least 80 rooms, such operators will be exempted from paying the fee for a license to operate for 10 years from the moment of its issuance.
Note that gambling in Georgia brings significant revenues to the state budget. In 2017 alone, the turnover of the gambling business in Georgia reached 5.650 billion lari, and the budget received 332 million lari in the form of tax payments from operators of this market. There are no data for 2018 for this industry yet, but the volume of receipts to the state budget of Georgia from tourists is constantly growing. Last year alone, Georgia was visited by 8.6 million tourists from various countries. And tens of thousands of tourists come to Georgia every year to visit popular casinos.