Germany approved a controversial bill on Igaming Tax [ZEBR_TAG_ / H1 & GT; & LT; / DIV & GT;

The controversial "Glüneurstv" (GlückSspielneuregulierungstaatsvertrag), which is a new state contract of Germany on gambling, was approved by the Finance Committee last week and enters into force on July 1.

The bill was drawn up by Bundesrath, which is the Federal Council of Germany, and caused a strong opposition from the stakeholders of the online casino, as they consider the law unfair to the Igaming market.

The legislators were confident that, despite the objection to the bill on the part of the stakeholders of the online casino, they will receive the required number of votes for the adoption of the bill, and this is what happened.

The main subject of disagreement in this new bill is the introduction of tax rates in the amount of 5.3% for online casinos and online poker games. The Financial Committee indicated that this tax in the amount of 5.3% would be applied not only to licensed gambling operators, but also to unlicensed gambling operators.

The leading Igaming operators in Germany, such as Leovegas, argue that the new rules they are trying to comply with significantly reduce their profits. According to one of the new rules, each rotation in the online slot is limited to 1 euro.

This is a big blow to online casino operators in Germany, as they receive more than 50% of their gross revenue from slot machines. Having established a limit on the cost limit for each rotation, online casino operators lose a lot of money.