Article 2 lists the obligations of the state, among which there is an item that the state is obliged to "take positive steps to protect the lives of people within their jurisdiction."Perhaps this is this item they are going to use.

It is noted that this article is mainly used if a person dies when applying the forces by the police or armed forces. But among the issues under consideration there are also cases of providing medical care in the state and another.

If the investigation recognizes the involvement of the state to the death of Jack Ritche, his family does not claim monetary compensation. They want justice and change. And their victory will be a reason for other families whose close to deprived themselves of life because of lucky.

In the opinion of Theguardian, if the investigation establishes that the state does not prevent the habinged hazards, this may lead to the fact that hazard warnings will be required throughout the gambling, as in the case of cigarettes.