A resident of the Crimean peninsula, according to his formula of success, was able to win almost 20 million in the lottery "5 out of 36" – his winnings amounted to 19 million 882 thousand rubles., however, the Crimean did not come for his multimillion-dollar win immediately, according to the state lottery "Stoloto".
Reportedly, the man did not immediately check his ticket due to a computer malfunction, and then completely forgot about it. Only after a while, when the press began to write about an unknown lucky man who won millions in the lottery and did not come for his winnings, the man at the kiosk found out what prize awaited him.
It is known about the newly-minted millionaire that he and his wife have been working at a chemical plant and have been buying lottery tickets for many years. According to the lucky one, for many years he has been developing a certain strategy for choosing numbers in a lottery ticket, choosing from the archive those "lucky" numbers that have not been drawn for a long time. He also made sure to mark the numbers that follow each other.
“Our family is constantly lucky. We used to dream of twins, and in 2008 this dream of ours came true. We also dreamed of a car, and recently decided to take out a loan for its purchase, after which we won 20 million in the lottery, ”said the lucky winner.