Witus streamer pulled a little 11.07.2018 and burned his status in the POSHFRIENDS Affiliate Program. About 60 million rubles paid for a couple of years – at the time of 11.07.2018 is $ 911688. Nevertheless, POSHFRIENDS is not the main partner of his partner, for sure in Playportun (Partner Partner-Earning.COM) 3 times more earnings.

Statistics of its referrals for the last 2 weeks (from 27.06.18 to 11.07.eighteen):

  • The number of first deposits: from 1 to 5 new players every day. In just 2 weeks 31 new depositors.
  • Total registrations for this period = 96. So approximately every 3rd registered user commits a deposit (chic conversion)
  • On average every day the amount of deposits of his players is from $ 20,000 to $ 30,000

How much will earn a streamer online casino vitus? Statistics his affiliate