For this GPSh is used together with an external source of entropy. Under the source of entropy is understood to be something unpredictable. For example, HSH can use sound card noise to determine the base value or the processor clock meter, temperature and T.D.

The problem is that the real GSH is much more expensive than GPSH, it also requires more time and resources to install and configure. And the results are generated too slow. Therefore, in most cases, the casino random generator actually issues not completely random results. Therefore, theoretically hacking casino is possible. But it will be very difficult. Conventional mortal about it can not even dream. Probably easier to win jackpot.

GPSF also has its drawbacks. The problem with the completion of the period, as in the case of the construction method, is characteristic of other methods. Moreover, each subsequent number depends on the previous one, until the base number is changed.

What algorithms use developers?

According to two ITechLabs reports for 2012 and 2015, the NETENT developer uses Fortuna algorithm, which is based on a constant change of source. These initial numbers, it receives from numerous sources of entropy. As these sources, there may be a computer mouse, cooler noise and t.D. They give unpredictable numbers that no one should determine.

The player says that they use standard Mersenne Twister (MT19937) HSH. According to Wikipedia, it is probably the most common among modern GPSF. There are quite a lot of options. Therefore, it is not necessary that everyone uses one method.