Ludoanian development

Ludomania is developing gradually, and is divided into several stages. People having a game dependence, do not notice these stages, gradually destroying themselves as a person.

  • The first stage of development of Ludoania for many gambling players is the most bright and most "happy". This stage – the step of winnings. The players have a feeling of their significance, they begin to plan their future winnings, and what can be used for money won. They arrive in Euphoria. At this stage, people are imperceptibly starting to spend all their free time in the casino.
  • The second stage of ludaism is less joyful, as it is marked by losses. Permanent losses force players to raise rates hoping to recoup. But, as you understand, it is unreal. Increased rates make players crowded in debts, take loans. In the bulk, they fall into the debt hole.
  • The third stage is even more sad. At this stage, players are ready to break all relationships with relatives, throw a family, to get away from work on their own, and perhaps they will simply be fired for the unfair attitude towards her. At this stage, some players are repent in the deed. If they throw play, and begin to be treated, that is, the probability of returning to normal life. But the probability of this very small. Most LudoMans are moving the verge of permitted and begin to mine a criminal.
  • The final stage of Ludoania leads to arrests for criminal acts if they were committed. In other cases, players acquire additional dependencies in the form of drug addiction and alcoholism, as well as mental disorders. And, as a result, all this, ludomans perform suicide attempts, or finish the life of suicide.

Do not believe "happy" players! There are no! There is a frightening reality called Ludomania.