Bank ID keeps information about the owner, so the players do not need to be registered in the casino. Bank ID is often used as an identification method, and can also be used as a signature. It is issued by banks and very popular.

When using Pay N Play, the payment will be made from the player’s bank account, and its data will be automatically transferred to the casino. What is really impressive, this is the waiting time of conclusions. They say that after the request for the conclusion, Money is credited to the account for 5 minutes.

There were different opinions in the forum reviews. Some talked about the fact that this is a great idea, others have expressed that they do not see special advantages. In my opinion, there are really little advantage. This, of course, is convenient if you do not need to register, but simply replenish the bill. But registration usually does not take much time. But to output money in five minutes it will like many.