According to research on New York and Stockholm scientists, the feeling of joy from winning the lottery is stretched with lucky on 10 years. However, such life events do not bring happiness, no matter how strange it sounds. There are more radical statements by researchers: they say that any gambling initially in their idea carry damage to users.

The sense of satisfaction with life arises from the winning, it’s true. Researchers say that they came to this conclusion after a survey of more than 3 thousand people. These lucky fighters have won over $ 227 million in the interval 5-22 years ago.

The main researcher Robert Osling focuses on the fact that it is impossible to replace the concept of "happiness" with the concept of "satisfaction". The past survey shared information about their contents with financial affairs, told about the general psycho-emotional state and satisfaction with the life in general. In the answers of the interviewed winners, the following thread is traced: the expected sensation of happiness and greater psychological stability of winnings did not bring.

Also, the study turned out to be interesting in terms of the order of winnings. Contrary to the stereotypes established in society, most of the winners spend the funds evenly and strengthen their financial assets.