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FBI detained suspected of rivo casino robbery

Yamaguchi worked as a taxi driver that was used in a crime. Shortly before you choose your accomplice, was recorded how he puts the camera in his taxi. Then he picks up Gao and forgetting that the camera writes the sound, they began to discuss how the case was. In Taxi, Gao regrets that he…


Golden Machine GoldStruck released High 5 Games Studio

Video Slot GoldStruck from the company, manufacturer of game content High 5 Games is a gambling game that will immediately raise the player. All the effect of this fascinating game unfolds on the drum grid of 5 × 5 format and with 50 game lines. GoldStruck slot is a sip of fresh air and potential…


Max.Bet in ? 2. Possible limit in online casino Great Britain

Perhaps someone will be difficult to imagine that the regulator will really go to this step. However, nothing prevented UKGC in April 2019 to introduce a limit in ? 2 for FOBT devices (fixed rates terminals). And this solution also had a negative impact on bookmakers. Moreover, in the middle of February, the director and…


Problem theft accounts and password popularity 123456

According to the company, the goal of such attacks is to get user data and enormous money, or sell data. 52% of operators are experiencing a significant increase in the number of serious attacks, which is due to the increase in the popularity of online gembling in general due to the closure of land establishments….


Celebrate is taught at school in South Korea

"People poke into me with your fingers, but I knew that the disciples needed this space". Many schoolchildren would like to have a school principal with the same glances. Bang Seung-Ho believes that "students do not become addicted to the geignarance itself. They are looking for asylum more in it to escape from reality when…


Daniel Negrean Clause Ban on Twitch for Indecent Behavior

As a result, there were a lot of poker fans, and Twitch blocked his account. The Switch community rules say that they have the right to suspend the account at any time if the owner’s behavior will consider dangerous or violating the rules. And his violation falls under the section "Violence and Threats", the item…


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