In the gaming circles of Armenia, the attempts of local authorities are actively discussing on the casino throat. The pretext was chosen loud – protection of minors from a detrimental effect.

Initiatives that are put forward by the Ministry of Finance of Armenia – to stop the activities of online casinos and completely prohibit advertising of gambling services.

The Ministry of Finance of the country atom of Dzhanzhugazyan has already approved the order ban on visiting casino by persons under 21. August 28, the new law enters into force. From this day, casino employees will have to check the documents in individuals whose age is in doubt.

Moreover, a visit to the casino will be limited to those who suffer from gambling addiction. Such status will be assigned to citizens through a court if they fall into debts due to their addiction.

However, these norms acted before and earlier – in the framework of the law "About games with winning and gambling houses". Legislative innovations motivate the need to introduce a clear mechanism for execution of restrictions.

Karen Tamazyan – Deputy Ministry of Finance, said that with the advent of new laws into force, a clear installation of the inspection procedure joins. It is also known that the Armenian authorities on the approach still a number of laws with casino restrictions.

Most likely, in Armenia will be limited to the work of foreign online casino. Motivate this by the fact that the owners of these resources do not pay taxes in the country. Also, a ban on advertising casino in the media and through the streets.

But the taxes owners of the Armenian casino will continue to pay the old. So, the state receives 20% of their profits.