WECHAT Messenger Security Center for the second quarter of 2018 blocked about 8,000 groups through which illegal gambling.

In the territory of Asia and China, in particular during this time, the popularity of underground sports bets has sharply jumped. Nothing amazing: World Cup 2018 caused its effect.

Messenger WECHAT enjoys more than a billion people. And you can send money to other users. Such an opportunity was provided by the manager TENCENT back in 2014: on the eve of the celebration of the Chinese New Year launched virtual red envelopes.

This is this tradition: in red envelopes give money as a congratulation on the holiday. Over the past year, the turnover of funds through red envelopes amounted to 768 million. Hong Bao.

It is through these envelopes that do illegal sports and scores.

Police says that the opening of such underground gambling groups is a difficult matter. Group chats are constantly re-placed in order to avoid traffic, hacker attacks and personal information leaks about players.