Georgian authorities want to adopt a new law to significantly complicate access to online games for minor citizens. About this, with reference to the statement of the head of the Georgian Parliament, Irakli Kobahidze, reports APSNY.GE.
"Soon a new draft law will be submitted to the Georgian Parliament, which will concern the distribution of advertising games for money, both on the Internet and land advertising. However, in addition, the legislators also need to connect such regulations in this matter, with which it will be possible to significantly restrict access to online games for minors for minor citizens, including we need to change the age qualities, "said the speaker of the Georgian Parliament.
Note that the data anonymous survey among Tbilisi schoolchildren, which conducted a "Ludomanian Non-Proliferation Center" was published earlier. In the survey participated students of ten Tbilisi schools. According to this polling, 48% of those surveyed children are interested in money for money on the Internet, playing online casinos, which have learned from numerous advertising.