In Germany, Landesbank Berlin filed a lawsuit on Munich on his client, who refused to pay a huge debt on the VISA card, losing online casino. In court, it is not a pilot player said that the bank does not have the right to accumulate the debt with it, since in Germany the law is forbidden to play online casinos.

After that, the Munich District Court created a printector and made such a decision, as a result of which a unbelievable player could write off debt to the bank as an online casino operator did not have a license for legal activities in Germany. By the court decision, the bank was obliged to identify passing transactions as gembling-activities and not to complete them.

According to many experts, such a court decision will have global consequences. Since other players in Germany will follow the example and, losing in the gembling sites. Large amounts will not pay them to banks.

Also, this decision of the Munich District Court may be a reason for German banks to test the risk exposure to be drawn into gembling-activity. After that these banks can enter the blocking of all gembling transactions. Then banks of other countries can follow this approach.