Citizens of Kazakhstan appealed to the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev with a request to legalize online gambling in the country. A petition with a corresponding request was published on the Change

According to the authors of the petition, now in Kazakhstan it is prohibited by law to conduct gambling outside specially designated gambling zones, but at the same time, a huge number of underground casinos operate in the country, contributing to the spread of crime and corruption, which do not pay taxes to the state budget. Separately, the authors of the petition mention the provision of an 11-year-old law that restricts online casinos in the country. However, at the moment, this clause of the law can be implemented only if the Internet is completely turned off in the country.

The authors of the petition propose to legalize online casinos in Kazakhstan, which will attract large investments to the country and create a large number of new jobs. Also, such a step by the Kazakh authorities will contribute to the decriminalization of the gambling industry and will significantly improve GDP indicators.

The Law "On Gambling Business" in Kazakhstan was adopted 11 years ago in 2007. According to its provisions, land-based casinos in Kazakhstan should be located only in gambling zones, of which there are two in the Republic: in the Shchuchinsky district of the Akmola region and in the Almaty region on the shore of the Kapshagai reservoir. According to the norms of a long-outdated law, the activities of online casinos in the Republic of Kazakhstan are illegal.