Member of the Chamber of Deputies of the Romanian Parliament, Dumitru Michalescul, criticized the state policy regarding the regulation of gambling business and called for the introduction of stricter rules for the conduct of gambling in the country. The legislator said that he is not against the gambling industry in general, but he is against how this industry is preferentially allowed to operate in Romania. Parliamentarian is particularly concerned that children can play in gambling.
"Personally, I, as an entrepreneur, resolutely supporting any private initiative, the purpose of which is regulated in accordance with the goals of the entire Romanian society. However, unfortunately, poor regulation of the organization of gambling in Romania allowed this type of business to develop in close proximity to schools and other educational institutions, "the legislator said.
Dmitr Mikhaleskul collapsed on Romanian gambling regulator with accusations and asked some simple questions, including what the regulator did in order for children in the country to have access to gambling. "You know very well that the only filter of juvenile minors on the Internet to gambling entertainment is the question of type -" You are more than 18 years old?"This restriction can avoid even a seven-year-old child," said Mikhaleskul.