In Spain, adolescents aged 14 to 21 years old are more prone to betting on sports and other types of gambling than any other teenagers from European countries. Each fifth Spanish at that age is prone to gambling dependence. Such conclusions were made in the Spanish Federation on the rehabilitation of gambling players and in the Association of Madrid Psychologists, the Edition of Thelocal
Reportedly, only in Madrid over the past six years the number of offices of bookmakers, where you can bet on sports, has grown on anxious 300 percent. Since 2016, a total of 40 bookmaker offices were opened in three working quarters of the Spanish capital.
To combat the Madrid’s governance, they want to introduce a law prohibiting the opening of the BC within a radius of 100 meters from schools and other training centers. However, many experts believe that this measure will make little help, since the young Spaniards will still have easy access to gambling on the Internet.