According to the publishing house Gambling Insider, Executive Director Evolution Gaming, Martin Carlesund, believes that the future of the online casino. And this has already contributed to the situation with coronavirus, which showed how important the online sector.

Carlesund notes that up to a pandemic 90% of the sector casino income went from land establishments. But in the long-term future, the situation will be completely different. The share of online revenues will increase to 50-70%.

The greatest changes will occur in the markets that are strongly dependent on land businesses. They realized that if they had an online casino, they could get at least some income. For example, things in New Jersey are much better than in Nevada. These are huge changes. In the near future, the situation will change a bit.

In general, 90% of casino income come from land establishments and 10% of online; 2-3% Live Casino. So, online evolution just started. In the future, I think 50-70% casino will be online.