The French want to implement a project for the construction of a gambling zone in Transbaikal with numerous gambling establishments and the hippodrome in order to attract gambling tourists from China to the region. About this at a meeting with the head of the Trans-Baikal Territory, Alexander Osipov, said the Vice-President of the Confederation of Middle and Small Enterprises of France Francois Tyuk, the head of the delegation, who visited the region, reports Komsomolskaya Pravda.
"In this region, you can very easily attract tourists from China, the Chinese are very excited. We need to study all of them are interesting in this direction, and then we can successfully implement promising projects in Transbaikalia. Here you can build a gambling zone with numerous casinos and hippodrome, "said Francois Tuka.
"I agree with all the suggestions from you. We need to go in this direction, implementing promising projects in the region. I want to note, members of the French delegation in a short time during the dialogue offered us more different ideas for the region than local authorities for several years, "Alexander Osipov said on the basis of negotiations.